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As a business, you must be prepared to deal with the various risks that you may have to face. SoftSages provides a full range of services to help you deal with them. With the Vulnerability Management System, we rate the different risks & also assign the priority for each of them.

Our IT Risk Management Services


Access, Remediate and Mitigate risk on a priority basis after a detailed analysis that identifies vulnerabilities unique to your business. This is the information we use to develop risk management solutions specially designed to suit your specific business needs.

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Since technology keeps changing rapidly, regular review of the security plans needs to be done. If any concerns come up, we will need to take it into consideration & may have to make the required changes.

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Risk Management


Our team of experts initiates thorough identification of risks to every segment of the Cyber Security Infrastructure. We make use of tools and a methodical approach that guides the process.


We have a dedicated team for Risk Assessment that identifies, estimates, and prioritizes the risk factors that might disrupt the Cyber Security Infrastructure in an organization.


Risk Control is a robust process wherein our team identifies, assesses, and responds to risk systematically. The team evaluates and applies the best approach to deal with the risk as a control method.


Reviewing the risk to an organization’s cyber security system is an integral part of mitigating any future attacks or breach of security. We make sure to do it step-wise following the dedicated process.
Risk Identification


Gap Analysis
The current situation of Cyber Security infrastructure and where it needs to be according to the industry standard is what our team identifies as a part of the Gap Analysis process.


Review is a planned process of our risk management structure and involves systematic checking and surveillance. The results are regularly recorded to initiate constant improvement to the risk identification framework.


Risk Evaluation is a process to classify risks according to their magnitude and consequence. We put the events with a higher possibility of damage on the top of the list and prepare a counter plan accordingly.


Effect Prioritization
Effect Prioritization is an extended step to Evaluation and involves prioritizing the risk by evaluating its complete form and level of damage that it can bring to the security infrastructure.
Risk Assessment


Penetration Testing
Checking for exploitation vulnerabilities is a significant part of penetration testing. Our skilled Cyber Security team does it by using various advanced-level tools such as Nessus and NMap.


Risk Modelling
We prepare a comprehensive Risk Model that helps measure the possibilities of cyber risk and provides stability and predictability to our risk assessment process.


Threat Modelling
It is a method of optimizing network security by locating vulnerabilities and developing countermeasures to prevent the effect of cyber-attack.


Attack Modelling
In this phase, our team plans how attacks can be resolved. It involves working against the security environment; in this, the defender understands the behavior and tactics of the cyber attacker.

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