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September 2, 2019
Cyber Security

Identity and Access Management

Being in the news for being the latest victim of data breach is something that any business would wish to avoid. But it seems that even a highly advanced country like Germany is susceptible after personal information about many German lawmakers & other celebrities such as email ids, home addresses & credit card information were made public on Twitter.
However, businesses collect huge amounts of data, of which some data is personal & sensitive in nature. Lack of proper data security can cause a lot of problems if the bad guys get their hands on it. So, most businesses wish to ensure that data is accessed only by those people who need to.
The more sensitive data is, the number of people who are allowed to have access goes down. This helps prevent unauthorized access & keeps data secure. This is the reason a strong identity & access management system is needed for every business.
The main task to keep updating the list of persons who have the authority to access. It is important to ensure that anybody who does not need access any longer gets removed immediately to prevent any misuse later.
Also, it is important to ensure full proof authentication of the authorized people so that nobody else can steal or change their credentials
More business
People will be more confident of sharing their personal & sensitive data while doing business or purchasing anything if they are confident that the data will be secure.
Organize better
For small businesses, it becomes very difficult to manually ensure that only authorized people are accessing data due to limited resources. Large businesses have large number of users which can get quite confusing to manually manage & has a high possibility of creating vulnerability in the system. In both cases, strong IAM will automatically take care of all data security concerns.
Tap into the power of technology
When IAM makes use of the latest technologies such as Internet of things, biometric identification & cloud technology, the process becomes much easier & hassle-free while protecting data from misuse.

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