December 20, 2019
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Developments in Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. Successful businesses have adapted to the developments by devising ways to catch the attention of their target audience & grow their business. As technology continues to evolve, newer ways to engage with clients have been developed, In order to succeed in this rapidly changing world, a business needs to identify the changes that have the capacity to significantly alter the marketing tactics & adapt. Here are a few important trends we saw this year:

Omnichannel Marketing

Clients get a better experience through Omnichannel Marketing that integrates various online as well as offline channels of marketing. This helps to improve client engagement & retention along with reducing time & effort too. It is also a useful way to properly organize the entire marketing strategy with the focus on the client as compared to Multi-channel Marketing.

Voice Search

As more people use voice search through Alexa, Siri & other such virtual assistants, businesses are considering using more commonly used larger sentences that are similar to daily use language as long-tail keywords in order to attract traffic. Also, the focus is shifting towards working on local SEO such as positive reviews & correct contact information. This means the website needs to be responsive enough to work well on laptops, mobile phones & tablets.

Visual Search

Searching on the internet using a picture is a new method that many people find convenient. Through this way, businesses need to look beyond words & also focus on posting compelling images on the website, mobile applications & images focused on Social Media websites such as Pinterest & Instagram. As Visual Search gets more precise in finding what people are looking for & common in usage, it will help people to find the exact same or similar products as the one in a screenshot or image they used.


Businesses use chatbots as a useful tool to interact with website visitors. It is much quicker & available at any time. This means basic queries & complaints are handled quickly which provides a satisfactory client experience. With the advancement in Artificial Integeelince & Machine Learning, chatbots are able to provide a more human-like experience which will lead to an improvement in client interaction.

Social Messaging Apps

Businesses are now exploring the marketing potential of using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & other popular Social Messaging Apps. As the usage of these apps for communication is increasing, it is important to look beyond Social Media websites. It is useful to develop a personal touch in interaction with the target audience to understand their expectations, provide information about products/services & business.
With the growth of technology, there are now many changes occurring in the digital world that have had a major effect on the digital marketing world. In order to ensure better success at attracting the target audience, a business needs to keep updated & work on creating a strategy that provides the best results.

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