IT Services

Application Development & Maintenance

ASM is our primary capability. We can build custom applications as per specific business requirements, deliver advanced and scalable solutions using cutting edge technologies. We provide customers full control over application, ensuring true competitive business edge. We manage web and cloud business solutions supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern application development platforms supported include .Net and Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services, microservice based architecture as well as mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

SoftSages emphasizes Domain knowledge, Architecture Design, Data, Digital & Differentiated delivery, which puts us in a strong position to deliver the best value to you. Our experience helped us build unique capabilities and assets such as domain led solutions, frameworks and accelerators and re-usable components and automation tools across the SDLC. We take care of technical complexities and scaling problems into an easy- to- manage solution according to your business needs.


Data Analytics

SoftSages represents next generation in data analytics and visualization. We specialize in analyzing the large pool of data with specialized software tools to organize the data and have applications for predictive analysis, data mining, forecasting and data optimization. We help the decision maker to simplify the large volume of data and help them to take better future business decisions in real-time.

SoftSages Analytics provides us an opportunity to find insights into new emerging data solutions. We create platforms to all structured and unstructured data to segregate and come up with a meaningful outcome. SoftSages technologies encompass more actionable results and continuous delivery of advanced and the most sophisticated statistical technologies.

We have a separate focus group researching SoftSages Analytics. Our focused group is working on a variety of SoftSages products from Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR and Teradata Aster. We provide interactive analysis and provide our insights for real business solutions. We have a sophisticated analytical models that analyses data, forecasts future trends and helps in making optimal business decisions.

SoftSages Service Offerings include
  • SoftSages Consulting Services
  • Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform
  • Architecture Assessment and Definition
  • Prototyping & Benchmarking
SoftSages Implementation Services
  • Installing and Configuring Hadoop on new environment.
  • Developing applications using MapReduce Programming.
  • Analytical Application Development like web log analysis or social media analysis using Hadoop,Hive etc.
SoftSages Support Services
  • Hadoop Cluster Monitoring.
  • Configure Hadoop for performance optimization.
  • Load data into Hadoop's Distributed File System (HDFS).

Mobile Development

SoftSages has best industry experienced in developing highly interactive mobile applications that are extremely user-friendly, functional and scalable. We create mobile Applications on iOS and android platforms.

Mobile technology is continuously evolving and reshaping today’s business and technology landscape. As proliferation of mobile devices continues, enterprises find it extremely challenging to manage and maintain multiple applications across various platforms and keep them secure. Year by year mobile is gaining more importance than the desktop or laptop as in this fast moving world people prefer convenience in its usage. The great evolution of mobile application development is a great hit for the current scenario.

Our experience spans development of all types of Applications including Social and chat applications, GPS and Map applications, store applications, expense reports, asset tracking, restaurants, museums, fitness, travel etc. Our dedicated team will meet your needs with fast turnaround time and deliver your project in a cost effective manner. Our User Experience team focuses on delivering clean and intuitive user interface for your apps. Make your web applications accessible on mobile platforms to retain and attract more customers. Webring your dream apps to reality.

SoftSages Technologies: Building Apps with impeccable DNA !


Digital Services

Win customers and outpace competitors with the power of digital.

Big data. Digital marketing. Social media. Mobile platforms. Each presents unique opportunities for customer insight and new sources of revenue.

Softsages works with you to transform your business by leveraging digital technologies. We guide you through the maze of device proliferation and show you how to leverage data for a richer customer experience, a more efficient workforce and faster time-to-market.

IT strategy & consulting

Achieve business excellence by partnering with SoftSages and leveraging our IT Strategy Consulting Services to transform your IT into an agile organization that will fully enable and influence business transformation.

Our services will address the following key areas for your organization:

  • Define a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all business functions.
  • Define an IT shared services operating model, on the basis of a validated business case, service catalogue, charge back mechanisms, risk analysis, IT process mapping and a transition roadmap.
  • Assess the cloud adoption of existing IT infrastructure within an organization to various deployment models.
  • Create sourcing optimizations with clear benefits and evaluating vendors, location and pricing models.
  • Create an operational structure by defining accountability, skill, competency and governance through our focus on IT operating model design and people-process-technology across your organization’s transformation lifecycle.
  • Align talent with your business needs, thereby improving organizational and individual performance to create greater shareholder value.
  • Ensure that the investment in programs, applications and resources is aligned with your IT strategy.
  • Identify cost optimization opportunities across people, process and technology areas.
  • Assess the health of key IT functions in an organization and arrive at relevant Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs).

Testing as A Service

Testing Overview

In a connected world, where competitive advantage hangs on the end-user experience rather than solely on individual applications, traditional testing models lack relevance. Today’s testing environments need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

A focus on the customer’s experience requires a re-evaluation of the entire testing approach and a change from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in one. To meet the demand for application agility, quality assurance (QA) testing organizations need increased test automation and continuous testing. They also need to reposition QA testing from a quality gateway to ensure a better user experience!

Softsages is a preferred testing partner for many Fortune 500 companies. We’ve been in the testing business for 16 years, employ a dedicated testing workforce of 3,000, and orchestrate nearshore and right-sourcing testing options from our global delivery center. We think beyond functional testing by mapping testing requirements to the business needs of your customers.

Our scalable and modularized test platform, deployed on premises or in the cloud, transforms testing journeys. We use numerous accelerators to design Agile test strategies that meet your customers’ needs for digital testing, mobility testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP implementation testing, performance testing and automation testing services.