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Achieve business excellence by partnering with SoftSages and leveraging our IT Strategy Consulting Services to transform your IT into an agile organization that will fully enable and influence business transformation.

Services We Offer

Our services will address the following key areas for your organization:

  1. Define a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all business functions
  2. Define an IT shared services operating model, on the basis of a validated business case, service catalogue, charge back mechanisms, risk analysis, IT process mapping and a transition roadmap
  3. Assess the cloud adoption of existing IT infrastructure within an organization to various deployment models
  4. Create sourcing optimizations with clear benefits and evaluating vendors, location and pricing models
  5. Create an operational structure by defining accountability, skill, competency and governance through our focus on IT operating model design and people-process-technology across your organization’s transformation lifecycle
  6. Align talent with your business needs, thereby improving organizational and individual performance to create greater shareholder value
  7. Ensure that the investment in programs, applications and resources is aligned with your IT strategy
  8. Identify cost optimization opportunities across people, process and technology areas
  9. Assess the health of key IT functions in an organization and arrive at relevant Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs).