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Adapt quickly to changing software delivery models and Internet technologies

Enterprise Software Overview

Since their inception, software and Internet industries have evolved from disc-based software and dial-up connections, to delivering apps directly to mobile devices and providing cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies. In addition, these industries have shifted from a focus on local markets to a truly global perspective. In this environment, companies that can drive innovation and quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace are most likely to succeed. But without the technology expertise and a flexible development roadmap, they risk missing opportunities and losing customers to more nimble competitors.

At SoftSages, we help some of the world’s largest software and Internet companies support alternate business models like SaaS and Infrastructure-as-as-Service, ensure availability of products across a wide range of devices, and manage large volumes of data to enable insights that can drive business growth. Our experts collaborate with Independent Software Vendors and Internet companies to add innovative features, accelerate go-to-market strategies and streamline operations. With deep domain experience across healthcare, life sciences, financial services, real estate and retail industries, we help these companies stay ahead of a changing market and remain competitive. SoftSages helps software and Internet industry leaders drive innovation, adapt to changes and keep pace with an evolving IT environment through:

  • Cloud and SaaS Engineering, including cloud consulting, strategy, migration, management and operations.
  • Data and Business Analytics to capture, analyze, enhance, and view business information in support of corporate objectives.
  • Mobility Solutions that are device and technology agnostic, enabling users to create, share and consume information on the move.
  • Platform Migration strategies, planning and testing to ensure seamless migration from legacy to next-generation platforms.
  • Independent Testing to deliver defect-free solutions by efficiently and effectively predicting and managing the risks.

From increasing market reach for a pioneer in litigation and retention management, to engineering 800+ websites across 140 countries, Mindtree can help your organization achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace.