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Our services will significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity, speed-up the timely release of programs and enhancements, improve knowledge with tool-based reverse engineering aligning with industry trends.

Application Development Services

ASM is our primary capability. We can build custom applications as per specific business requirements, deliver advanced and scalable solutions using cutting edge technologies. We provide customers full control over application, ensuring true competitive business edge. We manage web and cloud business solutions supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern application development platforms supported include .Net and Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services, microservice based architecture as well as mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

SoftSages emphasizes Domain knowledge, Architecture Design, Data, Digital & Differentiated delivery, which puts us in a strong position to deliver the best value to you. Our experience helped us build unique capabilities and assets such as domain led solutions, frameworks and accelerators and re-usable components and automation tools across the SDLC. We take care of technical complexities and scaling problems into an easy- to- manage solution according to your business needs.